As a social entrepreneurship organization, the Brew Year’s Eve is committed to supporting the community in which we live and work. The goal of the Brew Year’s Eve is to showcase craft beer while supporting the Chicagoland community.

A portion of the proceeds from the fest will benefit the Grant Park Conservancy. The Grant Park Conservancy is a 501c(3) not-for-profit with a mission to provide a permanent body that enables Grant Park to respond and adapt to the changing needs of its users, as the park passes from generation to generation. Some of these needs relate to landscaping, infrastructure, design, cultural activities, and environmental issues.

Current needs include:
  • Assisting the Chicago Park District in improving landscape design and maintenance
  • Activating a volunteer Grant Park stewardship program
  • Helping nurture an environment conducive to the arts, including performance, exhibition and education
  • Helping plan spaces for use by the adjoining communities
  • Encouraging pedestrian and bicycle-friendly design in and around Grant Park
  • Advocating for public dollar expenditures in Grant Park
  • Developing ways to reduce traffic congestion and improve transportation links into Grant Park

As these needs materialize into specific projects, the Conservancy will work closely with the Chicago Park District, the Grant Park Advisory Council, and other organizations, helping to raise private sector dollars to match with public funding, so that the completion of each project can become a timely reality. Leveraging this funding and integrating ideas from both the public and private sectors for the future improvement and development of Grant Park, as well as the promotion of the park, will make it a truly lively civic space.

Tickets to Brew Year's Eve are on sale now!!